Virtual Executive Assistant

You know those folks who are so experienced in their craft they can do in one hour what it takes several for someone else? I love those people and consider myself one!

After many years of acquiring the necessary skills to develop a career as an accomplished administrator, I decided to utilize my experience to become a location independent virtual assistant.  Since May, 2016, I have worked as the virtual executive assistant for the owner of an accounting firm with offices in Atlanta and San Francisco.   Although I have kept up with technology through the years, there are many differences in my previous office setting and our present day virtual environment.  I have been fortunate to gain excellent skills in both, which has given me added value as an executive assistant.

A summary of my experience is as follows:

22 Years QuickBooks on DOS, Windows and Macintosh Platforms
22 Years Microsoft Office on Windows and Macintosh Platforms
40 Years Corporate Administrative Experience
40 Years Exemplary Customer Service
30 Years C-Level Administrative Support
30 Years Computer Literacy
21 Years Internet Research
14 Years Webpage Design & Maintenance
16 Years Licensed as a Georgia Real Estate Professional
4 Years Licensed as a Georgia Health & Life Insurance Professional
Completed the Series 7 Financial Representative Training

I invite you to visit my profile at for more information on how I can assist you in simplifying your life as a virtual executive assistant.