High Praise

High Praise from an Amazing Veterinarian!

MADHUKAR LOHANI, DVM, MVSc, MS, ECFVG, Ph.D. of Atlanta West Veterinary Hospital recommended me today on LinkedIn.  I retired from Atlanta West Vet in February 2016.  Dr. Lohani is such an accomplished doctor that this is truly high praise!  I thank him from the bottom of my heart.

MADHUKAR LOHANI, DVM, MVSc, MS, ECFVG, Ph.D. has written you a recommendation on LinkedIn for Practice Manager at Atlanta West Veterinary Hospital.

“I am pleased to write in warm recommendation of Ms. Carla Smothers. I have known Ms. Smothers since the Fall of 2014, when I started working at Atlanta West Veterinary Hospital, Villa Rica, Georgia. Ms. Smothers is a friendly, adaptable, action-oriented Practice Manager. She has an excellent ability to understand complex situations and provide rationalized solutions. Client communication is one the important aspects of veterinary practice. Ms. Carla’s oral and written communication skills are excellent. Furthermore, she continuously hones her management and communication skills by attending various meetings and participating in group discussion. In fact, most of our clients and staff members are extremely impressed with her communication and managerial skills. Ms. Carla is dedicated to her work, deadline conscious and a sociable person. She is an intelligent and well informed about so many different fields inside and outside of veterinary practice. As an individual, she is easy to work with; a generally calm outlook and a quiet sense of humor make her pleasant to be around.”

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