Virtual Executive Assistant

Virtual Executive Assistance…I’m a Hybrid!

An interesting observation I’ve made as a virtual assistant is that there is a variety of personalities that make up the title. As I have traveled through my career, I realized the difference between an “executive assistant” and an “administrative assistant.” More responsibility and experience is the difference. One who goes the extra mile in resolving whatever task is before them. Now that doesn’t mean the title is always true. I know a lot of admin jobs that have expectations of excellence but the EA takes on more of a manager’s tasks which frees up time for more important things.

As I have experienced working as a virtual assistant this past couple of years, I find much of the same. A lot of virtual assistants just want the job to work from home for whatever reason. And it’s a wonderful opportunity that we have now. So that makes me a hybrid. I’m a location independent virtual assistant who still wants the satisfaction of being a true executive assistant.  I invite you to visit me at for my resume and references.